Catherine McGeachy

Catherine McGeachy - Personal and team Development

catherinemcgeachyCatherine is our specialist in the development of the mind to adopt a positive attitude towards life and work. She has been working with Pat now for over 14 years on building Peak performance,

Catherine is a native of Scotland, now living in county Limerick, Ireland for over 19 years.  For a number of years Catherine worked with the University of Limerick lecturing  on Administrative Systems, Systems Analysis, Management Information Systems, Software Applications, Strategic Implications of Technology and Human Communications. She specialises in the areas of Communications, Personal Development, Teamwork, Total Quality Management, Customer Care, Time Management and Empowerment. She was Counsellor for the Open University's Open Business School for five years and a tutor on its Management and Personnel Selection Programmes.

Catherine is also the Author of 'Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace', which focuses on the importance of finding motivation and meaning in life in the face of long working hours, company down-sizing and closures. According to Catherine, attitude change, personal empowerment, stress management and team development are the cornerstones of a successful relationship between employer and employee.

Catherine has worked on various projects and conferences with Pat and his team. Check out 'The Mind Climb with Wyeth" (link) case study in the conferences section, where she and Pat ran a full days seminar for Wyeth Pharma in The mansion House in Dublin.

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