Pats Quotes

We all have an Everest
"We all have an Everest no matter who we are. We set out goals and ambitions, whether it is to succeed in our business, recreational or personal lives. Let us help you reach full potential and make your goals and dreams achievable." Pat Falvey

We all have mountains to climb
“I am saying that just like a mountain, whatever goal you set for yourself in life is achievable if you tackle it step by step. Dream your dream, plot a course, decide that nothing is going to stop you, and have the neck to go for it.” Pat Falvey

“I have failed as much as I've succeeded. I have learned that success is not about achieving your goal; it’s about the journey. We must embrace our failures as a learning experience.” Pat Falvey

Self Belief
“I know from my experiences that to succeed you have to be true to yourself, you have to believe in yourself and your team, your objectives, and your targets. You have to be your own best friend – you have to challenge yourself to be everything you can be.” Pat Falvey

Mind sets
"Our minds are like parachutes, unless they are open they will fail"
"To many people today are set in their minds and are closed to change because of fear and  failure. From my business career I have learnt that unless we leave our minds open to change in changing times then we will not succeed in the new challenges life gives us. Just like a parachute if it doesn't open you will crash land." Pat Falvey

Self Belief
"Believe in yourself, have dreams and goals, be positive, don’t quit, and change with changing circumstances.  Go for what you want with all of your capacity, strength and tenacity. I believe if you have these attributes your dreams and goals will in life become a reality." Pat Falvey

My mentors have taught me this from a early age and I have succeeded in making all my dreams come true. PF