Presentations and courses

Business experience - lessons learned from struggle and success principals proven in practice

Pat is one of Ireland’s leading motivational and business presenters. His lectures, conferences, seminars, courses and team training events have motivated people, companies and teams throughout the world to achieve their full potential and to always look on the bright side of life. Audiences are absolutely enthralled and inspired by his stories of life as a leader, business man, explorer, adventurer, father and family man.

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Bringing your audience on expedition

With incredible photography and video footage from some of the most exotic and difficult-to-visit places on earth, Pat engages audiences with stories of shocking setbacks while on expedition, life-threatening conditions and tear-jerking victories.  Then he expertly applies these directly, and specifically to the everyday goals and problems we all face, by drawing upon his extensive business and life experience.

His presentations and courses deal with the attributes of leadership, teamwork and teambuilding, success and failure, ignorance, acceptance of change, the challenge of calculated risk, the importance of positive attitude, self belief, integrity, commitment and taking personal responsibility. Stimulating, encouraging and giving practical advice on how to make dreams a reality, Pat helps others to identify goals and achieve them, even in changing, challenging times.

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