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Motivational Speaker - Personal Development - Team Training - Leadership

Pat and his team have developed a series of presentations, courses and seminars to inspire, motivate and help to develop dynamic companies, teams, communities and individuals that reach their reach full potential.  

Presentations and courses focus on: The Challenge of Change, Goal Setting, Success, Team Building, Mentoring, Self-Belief, Ambition, Mobilisation. Learning, Passion, Empowerment, Loyalty, Risk Management, Desire, Acheivement, Vision, Affirmation, Communication, Creativity, Attitude, Change, Visualisation, Commitment, Trust and Conquering Fear. 




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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 10:54 Written by  John
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"Just a quick note to say thanks to all of the Hanover PR team from the UK who came to Dublin for their away day. They had Pat Falvey in to discuss their direction, motivation and goal setting while also entertaining them with his multimedia talk. After they celebrated with a glass of Champagne and headed in to the city for a bit of craic."      


"We were delighted to have Pat Falvey agree to work with us at the European Insurance Forum in the Four Seasons hotel. Pat’s attention to detail and professionalism in his preparation was impressive but his presentation and delivery on the night blew us away. His story was fascinating, riveting, engaging and at times emotionally charged. We recommend him unreservedly and hope to have him back speaking at one of our events again very soon." Marie Griffin, General Manager, Event Management International.    

"I always find sports and adventure situations as the most interesting analogies to business and business leadership success. The necessary planning, courage, and teamwork required of what Pat did are certainly important business success ingredients. To Pat specifically: there are many other stories of people who had hit bottom but figured out ways to climb out of it; however, few have literally climbed to the heights (after hitting bottom) as Pat Falvey has." Wayne D. Bidelman, F.S.A., MAAA, Managing Director, Life & Health Business.    


"Pat is a remarkable man and his story is testimony to the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity." Stephen Divine, Managing director of TransAmerica International.      


"Pat Falvey has run Management Development Programmes over the past seven years for University College Cork. These programmes have been for post – graduate students and also for a wide range of managers/directors in the corporate sector.  Pat and his team have done magnificent work for us in the areas of Team Building, Team Bonding and Motivation. The feedback from students, managers and their companies has been exceptionally positive and deemed to have a very beneficial payback with techniques that can be actively used in the workplace." David A. Twomey, Programme Manager.        


"Having spent 24 years in the retail trade I found Pat Falvey's motivational presentation refreshing, uplifting, and very appropriate to business in general, and the first time I can remember that not a pin dropped in a group of 700 hundred people for the length of Pat's speech. It was a welcome change from most corporate speakers." Bernard Lynch, Chairperson, Centra.


"Ordnance Survey Ireland employed the services of Pat Falvey as an inspirational speaker at our launch of the Discovery Series maps at the Aviva Stadium on Thursday, 24th June 2010. Pat addressed an audience of over 200 guests from the corporate, tourist and outdoor activity sectors. Pat spoke with great passion, energy and enthusiasm. We received very positive feedback from our guests including a general theme that they went away with a “real good feel” factor. I am very happy to recommend Pat as an inspiring and entertaining speaker." Geraldine Ruane, Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey Ireland.      


"The reaction from everyone present was quite phenomenal and the general feeling was that it was the best presentation they have ever attended.  I found it enlightening and inspirational and was struck by the incredible results that ensue from good teamwork and determination to achieve ones goals. Your entire talk was honest, open,and hugely motivational. Your visuals of some of your conquests were deeply moving especially of the Mount Everest ascent."    Ken MacDonald, Managing Director, Hooke and McDonald.      


"We in the Parents Support Group of the Diabetes Centre of Crumlin Children's Hospital, l engaged Pat Falvey to speak on the topic of motivation and self-drive to parents and teenagers who live their lives with diabetes. This lifelong condition can often appear too daunting to the patient and their family, however, Pat displayed that by treating your life as a personal Everest and by tackling the routine of daily life with diabetes as you would a scaling of Mount Everest....making progress step by step....that you can conquor your personal challenges however daunting they appear. What an inspiring presentation; what an inspiring life story; what an inspiring man!" Tom Walsh, Chairperson, Parents Support Group of Diabetes Centre of Crumlin Children's Hospital.    

"Pat brought passion, belief, and 'can do' to our 'Operation Everest'. We brought 500 employees together for a one day workshop designed to get everyone alligned and inspired to achieve aggressive business goals. Pat was our main speaker and he left people with a determination to 'go for it'... and we did reach the summit successfully and we had fun getting there!" Larry Kelly, HR Director, Wyeth.  

"Pat, thanks for your inspirational presentation at the Nortel event. Your journey of the highs and lows of life and the importance of setting new objectives was both captivating and motivational. The audience reaction was profound - thanks for taking us all with you on this adventure." Dave Silke - Director EMEA Marketing, Nortel.

"Pat Falvey's attendance at our Partnerfocus event was a fundamental component in bringing renewed focus and excitement to this annual event. It increased both registration and attendance in general and created a buzz of anticipation during the day. His speaking was both motivational, educational and entertaining, overall it lifted the whole spirit of the day. I had numerous communications during the following days commenting on how beneficial and provocative the day was and what a large part Pat played in it." Dave Silke - Director EMEA Marketing, Nortel.  

"A quick note to say a big thank you for your inspirational talk at the Big Event. It was a pleasure to hear about your experiences and your perspective on a whole range of topics, especially the concept of failure. I have come back to the UK bursting with enthusiasm and ideas, largely thanks to you – many thanks indeed." Clare. The Big Event  





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