Education Foundation

Pat Falvey, throughout the course of his astonishing career as an explorer and adventurer to every continent on this planet, has witnessed the changes which have begun to shape our future and has given his personal commitment by establishing the Pat Falvey Foundation to begin to focus minds and spirits on creating a greater common future for all people on the planet.
The tagline of the Pat Falvey Foundation, "Inspiring Minds Through Action‟, gives its main thrust. It is an unique, innovative Education Foundation bringing together teachers committed to help safeguard the future of society. It draws its inspiration from Pat Falvey a man with a strong dedication to this and to life long learning and adventure education.

To help the teachers in their endeavor, the Foundation is set up as an action-oriented learning framework that will empower them to raise awareness among young people about the challenges our society is facing and enable them to advocate for change and to bring about positive change through action.