Adventure Based Learning


It is rarely possible for teachers and students to travel to remote places to undertake valuable school field studies. Some places are just too far, too expensive, costs and time issues all reflect the difficulty in taking students outside the classroom. Our Adventure Based Learning Programmes will take selected students on scientific expeditions to far flung locations as Antarctica, the Himalayas, Tanzania, Eastern Russia, Patagonia and the Arctic Circle, while communicating and working with students throughout the world who will learn from their Adventure Learning Team Peers.


Students that remain in the classroom can participate in the Adventure Based Learning in numerous ways such as by plotting the journey that their fellow students take using Microsoft Live Maps and other Spatial Technologies for instance by mapping Penguin colonies throughout an Adventure Based Learning Voyage and plotting sea temperatures as they are relayed by satellite back to the classroom. Data will be captured using gps, sensing technologies, dataloggers, and digital microscopes and relayed to schools connected to the various Project portals here on

Ever wondered what it feels like to stand on Arctic ice. Is it hard, soft or slippery? Students can ask one of their peers to actually find out. How cold is it – well students can ask them to take a temperature reading and record the result with their data loggers!

By logging on to Adventure Base Learning Expedition blogs, vodcasts and datastreams recorded and broadcast daily during the expeditions, students in classrooms across Ireland  and the world can begin taking positive action to reduce their carbon footprint and that of their fellow students on the Expeditions and research questions for the Live Video Broadcasts.

What is that Scientist doing on that iceberg? Just ask and they can tell you and show you as you sit there in the classroom.

The Education Resources Portal will provide starting points including numerous class worksheets and IWB resources for research in to all things relevant to the current Adventure Based Learning Expedition and the scientific investigations being carried out and most importantly for teachers - connecting everything to the relevant parts of the curriculum.