Beyond Endurance 2008

Beyond Endurance 2008 Goals

  • 1. Ordinary Men and Women to re-trace historical voyage
  • 2. Land on South Georgia and Elephant Island
  • 3. View incredible Scenery and Wildlife with experts
  • 4. Witness and record effects of global warming

We had an excellent trip on our 2008 expedition to South Georgia, Elephant Island and the Antarctic Peninsula where we experienced the History, Incredible Scenery and loads of Wildlife. We had over 60 people from all walks of life enjoying the variety of excursions, activities and landings including our robust climbers who were challenged on the historic crossing of from King Haakon bay to Stromness. Our landing on Elephant Island was impossible due to dense fog. We landed at 5 peninsula locations including one for swimming and camping. Our goal of bringing young students & scientists to these environmental mecca's was a huge success with a quirky film being made around there experience.

Antarctic Challenge Team 2008 (TYACT2008) challenged students with the aim to promote self directed learning as well as educating them through their own personal experience, and giving them more awareness of the outside world. ACT will give 10 students a chance to explore global warming in a truly original and stimulating way. View our education section to find out more.

To view the news and more from the expedition please visit our news section. Also find images and videos in our gallery.

This 2008 voyage was a re-run of the 2006 voyage where we completed our first phase of the expedition goals when we traversed South Georgia and landed on Elephant Island with a group of ordinary people from the age of 10 to 72.

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