Beyond Endurance South Pole 07/08

2007 Beyond Endurance Goals

1. First Irish Team to walk to the South Pole
2. First Irish Female to reach the South Pole

This Irish Beyond Endurance Expedition, lead by Pat Falvey, will capture the imaginations and hearts of the people of Ireland and throughout the world.

Walking to the South Pole and Beyond will involved travelling a distance of over 1140km with each member hauling a sledge weighing in excess of 100 kg. The terrain was difficult, the weather was unpredictable and as harsh as this planet can deliver. Antarctica is a beautiful continent but one where nature rules and shows little mercy. Few have ever completed this journey and the undertaking created a huge media frenzy here in Ireland. Polar history is close to all our hearts and the opportunity to follow and support well known Irish adventurers in real time as they followed in our heroes footsteps proved to be amazing success.

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Pushing the limits is what is so tempting. To reach the South Pole is a dream and an adventure, physically and psychologically it is right on the brink – harder than anything we did before.

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