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1993 International Expedition North Side of Mt Everest

Pat reached 8400m without oxygen and on the final push a team colleague Karl Heinze died and the team returned to bury Karl in an icy grave on the North Side of Everest.

1995 International Expedition North Side of Mt Everest.

Pat returned to complete the unfinished business of reaching the summit and to honour Karl's memory. Pat reached the summit of the sacred pinnacle on the 27th of May 1995 at 09:10 am. On leaving the summit of the goddess mountain, he promised to return if he could mentor a team which would have the 1st Irish female to reach the summit.

2003 Irish Everest Expedition

Pat Led the 1st Irish team attempt from the Nepalese side of Mount Everest whicj included himself and a team of 5 Irish: Gerard McDonnell, Mick Murphy, Hannah Shields, Clare O'Leary & George Shorten and 5 Sherpa members. The expedition was very successful by having 4 of the team on the summit, 2 climbers and 2 sherpa's.

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2004 Irish Expedition

Another great success via South Col on with Clare O'Leary becoming the first Irish female and Pat the first Irish person from both North and South side.

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