North Pole Challenge 2011

Irish North Pole 2012 - Follow Expedition


The Irish adventurers will navigate, walk, ski and swim on a historical icy voyage of 784 km on a 60 day expedition of endurance man-hauling their sleds across the rugged broken melting arctic ocean. This will be the final expedition on their three Pole Challenge having already summiting Mt Everest and walking 1140km to the South Pole in Antarctica. This will be by far the most gruelling. They will also be bringing Freddy T Bear their famous Mascot who has inspired over 200,000 Children to follow their dreams.

The team will be under going final preparation in Canada for this expedition. The expedition is set to start on the ice from the 25th February once the team successfully get their drop-off at Cape Discovery, Northern Canada. For further information contact us at the Expedition Office.If you are interested in their training schedules and selection of gear we now have over 15 videos on them training for this event. You can find further images, interviews, podcasts and videos in our gallery or simply access the 2011 microsite above.