The Irish North Pole 2011

Irish adventurers Pat Falvey and Dr Clare O Leary  will navigate, walk, ski and swim on a historical icy voyage of 784 km on a 55 day expedition of endurance man-hauling their sleds across the rugged broken melting arctic ocean. Their only means of survival and rest in this hostile arena is a thin skin of manmade material their tent.

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They will endure cold that can reach up to -60 Celsius as they battle to fend off frost bite and keep themselves warm.

Due to Global warming and climate change they will encounter many ice flows that will obstruct their way North and may have to swim across them in sub zero temperatures with the abyss of over 4000 meters of arctic sea below them.

They will negotiate massive pressure ridges with moving tumbling ice blocks the size of houses which are created by moving currents as they grind the weakness’s the ice of the arctic ocean together to explode skywards. .

They will have to carry with them their food of over 7500 calories a day, tent, stoves, fuel, communication system and all equipment to survive was is equated to over 55 consecutive marathons.

Follow them on a journey of endurance, as they plan, train and execute one of mans greatest adventurers as they set out to reach the Geographic North Pole.

“Like all great adventurers, expedition and great challenges in life, this cannot be done alone, it is a team supporting you that help you get through, Our trainers and coaches, family and friends and of course you the people that support and have followed both of us over the years. We look forward to keeping you updated on all aspects of the expedition. The motivation, focus, vision, training, hardships, science, history and educational value of life in a freezer”

Pat Falvey is a veteran of over 65 exciting adventures while Clare O'Leary is a veteran of 22. Highly motivated and positive they will join forces and their expertise in partnership on yet another thrilling adventure as they take on one of the world’s great challenges. This will also Pat and Clare finish the three Pole Challenges as they have already skied to the South Pole, and climbed Mount Everest.

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Pat on South Pole trek

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