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The Secret Of The Stone Documentary

The secret of the stone. (film/tv) documentary

Patrick Morell international film maker, French director  living in the US for the last 35 years and his assistant Archie Linval were over with me this week doing a film piece on the Reeks and looking for the secret of the stone.

I thought this was a crazy notion and yet I was interested in the project. There were times I felt that we were looking for some lost treasure or power like in the film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Patrick of course being Indiana Jones.

With camera in hand we investigated some ancient pre-historic sites around Ireland's highest mountains "the Reeks" for a preparation of a treatment for a 4 part series on ancient Ireland. We recruited one of my best friends Con Moriarty who has an incredible knowledge of these sites around Kerry as well as a incredible passion for Irish history and culture and folklore.

Before moving onto The second half of the weeks filming which was based at the  Kildreelig Artist Village an old stone village dating back to the 6th or seventh century, situated near Waterville, Ireland.

At Kildreelig a number of houses have been rebuilt and refurbished and are used by well known artists as an artist retreat throughout the year.

Among the local attractions filmed by patrick with local historian and archaeologist Dan O Meara. Where the McCarthy Castle & Abbey (built on the Isthmus to defend the place from pirates), Kilrellig (early Christian monastic settlement ruins located beside the road to Bolus Head), the Kildreelig Alignment (an alignment of four standing stones which is the reputed burial place of the Milesian leader Erannan), Wedge Grave (situated at Coom, Ballinskelligs) and the Irish Romanesque structure Killemlagh Church, built on the site of Saint Finan's original settlement. The majority of the ruins are inside a stout circular rampart which has all the massive appearance of the local circular stone forts. South of this church is the "Pagan's Grave", an enclosure of standing stones.

Before filming on one of the world's most famous monastic sites  on the windswept Skellig Rock.

In search of the secret of the stone, nuts I thought but what a week of interesting learning about our Irish past.

Patrick Morell  has done cultural documentaries in Nepal, Tibet, Russia, Alaska and many more interesting places around the world. I'm really looking forward to his preparation of his vision on our Irish past and we are look forward to the edit of his filming and his interpretation of our Irish landscape, history and culture. I'm looking forward to further working with Patrick in the future through our Tv and film production division.

Special thanks to Noelle Campbell-Sharp for her encouragement towards the project, To Kildreelig Artist retreat centre, to Con Moriarty local historian on the Reeks and Dan O Meara archaeologist on the Iveragh peninsula.

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