RTE Radio History Show - Robert Scott Documentary

Thursday, 24 November 2011 18:36


RTE 1 Radio:   Presenter Diarmaid Ferriter and guests Adventurer Pat Falvey,  aurthor Michael Smith,  Composer Rachel Holstead and historian Rorke Bryan.

In the aftermath of Amundsen and Scotts success in reaching the pole in 1911 controversy arose about the ill fated expedition of Falcon Scott and the success of  Roald Amundsen . 100 years later discussions still flare emotions about these amazing adventurers that traveled into these un-know and un-chartered places.

Come with our pannell as they discuss the The time.  The excitement.  Publicity around the expedition.   The challenge.  Why the South Pole.  How many people/dogs/sleighs involved.   What supplies they brought.

Hear about some of the well known characters involved in the expeditions.  Their background.  The psychology of how Scott chose his team.  Scott's style of leadership.  How they all got or not along together.  We take a look at the unsug hero Tom Crean.

We read from Scott's diary and discuss the logistics of Food and shelter.   Arriving at the South Pole.   The journey back - and what happened to the explorers.

Join us as we look back into the history of the first successful adventures in to South Pole.




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