Paul Williams Launches Suicide Aware, awareness cards

Saturday, 27 November 2010 23:31

The launch of Awareness cards with help telephone numbers was held at the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork on the 17th November.

Pat Falvey Patron of Suicide Aware who was also a guest speaker at the event thanked all of those who give of their time and effort in the support of this cause.

Pat spoke about the need of us as a community coming together to help others and  how  Suicide and depression is now one of our greatest health problems and one that has for far to long been brushed under the carpet. Yet there is not one person in the country that does not know someone who is suffering from depression or someone who have taken their lives over the past 15 year.

This event was attended by many sports and high profile Irish people giving their support for a progressive program of fundraising to help fight a plague of raising depression and suicide in Ireland.

Munster Rugby endorsement:

The evening was also the launch of the Munster Rugby nomination of Cork cancer aware as one of their three charities for next year. The Munster Rugby was represented by Garret Fitzgerald and Irish player Mick O Driscoll who applauded the work done by the organisation in showing initiative in the importance of having people trained to help those in need of advice and help in this area.

( CSR Plan) Garret and Mick spoke about how Munster Rugby were honoured to have selected Suicide Aware as one of their three nominated charities for 2011-2012, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Plan.

Crime Corespondent/ Author

Paul William the highly successful crime writer and author  was the guest speaker and formally launched the initiative. He took a really hard stand on the influence of drugs on the ever increasing problem and of the crime lords here in Ireland that without due consideration of the damage they cause in pursuance of making money out of the misery of others. He branded them as scum bags of our society and that they should be caught and the keys thrown away for the misery and violence they bring to bear here in Ireland.

Drugs are a major contributor to depression and suicide and Paul as guest speaker gave a great insight to the life of the drug lords and their violent ways.

Host for the night was radio presenter and pr consultant Mick Mulcathy.

Other speakers on the night were Ian Delahunty who spoke of personal experience of the tragedy of families when a loved one commits suicide. He emotionally talk about how his father took his own life and the effects it had on him and the family.

The night was brought to a close by founding member Pat Beahan thanking everyone for their support and help.

Further information of fundraising events and Suicide aware mission and vision can be found on or contact Pat Beahan on 087 9454202