Johnson & Johnson International Conference Pat Falvey Keynote Speaker

Thursday, 23 June 2011 13:51
Pat Falvey Professional business inspirational Speaker Pat Falvey Professional business inspirational Speaker Pat Falvey Collection

Pat Falvey was a keynote speaker at Supply Chain Human Resources Leadership meeting for Johnson and Johnson International conference in Cork.

Pat's keynote facilitated the main topic of the conference which was focused on the topic of change management in the context of “Motivating Human Resource Business Partners in Challenging and Changing Times” The  audience comprised of vice president and director level professionals from their worldwide organisation comprising of 14 different nationalities.

Pat linked the challenges of business to climbing a mountain like Everest and how even through his own life there have had many successes and failures as an entrepreneur, adventurer & explorer. The importance to learn and to change with the changing times to enable survival in no matter what we do, whether personal, team, community or in business.

He also finished on the importance of everyone buying into the challenge of change and how HR departments all around the world are a vital component in the expansion of any large organisation. Sometimes the unsung hero's that pull organisations together.

The importance of inspiration in a changing world:

From a conference perspective more and more companies are seeing the benefit of brining in professional inspirational business speakers like Pat Falvey to their conferences to inspire and motivate their teams to the current massive challenges that are now facing companies throughout the world as we consolidate or expand and move forward to looking for growth and efficiency within organisations and to help their teams deal with the challenge of Change. Whether in expansion or contraction.

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