A letter to Santa for Christmas to save his home.

Sunday, 25 December 2011 12:53

A letter to Santa from Pat Falvey Printed in the Irish Examiner 24th December. Save Santa's home.

Dear Santa. 

I know all the problems you are having on the North Pole and that soon you, your elves and all the polars bears may not have a place to live anymore or to base yourself from due to global warming and climate change. I'm worried as to what are we going to do for Christmas if you have no home.

Going to see Santa. 
So this year I'm going to visit you on one of the hardest expeditions our team Clare, Mick, Bill Freddy and I has ever undertaken to see at first hand the effects of the melting ice and to eye witness what we in the world are causing and to highlight the problems as we travel.

It's going to be hard to get to you, I know. 60 days equivalent to 120 marathons of man hauling our sleds in the most hostile place on earth walking on thin ice with 14000 feet of water below us. It's scary as we have to endure freezing temperatures of down to - 60 degrees and thin ice that at times we will fall through and have to swim to get to you. I thank you for the invitation to come and see you.

What I want for Christmas.
What I'd like from you this year is to help the adults and children of the world to understand more of how they can preserve your home and the melting ice caps as most don't understand what tis means to the planet at large. 

Millions and millions of people will be affected by the ignorance of man which is causing all our weather systems to go crazy. We now see it every day on our tv. Massive flooding, shrinking ice caps, people dying from the cold in some countries, flooding in others and famine in others. we all need your help to understand.

So for Christmas can you bring to each home a booklet and advice on how to help save your home and the colder regions of the earth to help us save millions of other people's homes and lives.

When I get this information we can use our expedition to the North Pole to see you rin February to help spread the messages though our web sites www.irishnorthpole.com and my own web sitewww.patfalvey.com to help you your elves and the polar bears to help all of us protect the melting ice caps. We also you might like to know have freddy T bear coming with us and freddy and Dr Clare O Leary will be keeping all the young people posted of their journey to you.

We hope to see you soon all of the Irish north pole team on the ice, heading to see you in February dr Clare o Leary, Mike Shea, Bill Hanlon, Freddy t bear and of course my self.

Ps if you have any influence on the movement of the ice, can you please also sent us a map with a safe passage to the North Pole and we will see you around the 26th April 2012. So Please have a bottle of champagne ready for us and you might get rudolph to drop us back to Norway as we'll be very tired.

Pat Falvey
Motivation speaker, entrepreneur, adventurer, expedition leader

Also www.patfalvey.com for more information for all of Pats adventures throughout the world that you can join in on next year.