Summit Report

Tuesday, 11 July 2006 00:00
Report by: John Hussey

On June 14th we set out from our high camp at 17200ft for our summit bid on Denali. John Healy had been quite ill during breakfeast and was unable to eat or drink so after a valiant effort decided to turn back at the Denali pass. Ronan and i decided to continue. We pushed on in near white out conditions but the light winds encouraged our every step. After several hours of slogging, following wand after wand a brief clearance revealed pig hill and the summit ridge. We left our rucksacks at the bottom of pig hill and about an hour later were standing atop the highest point in North America. After much celebrations and a few quick snaps we headed down.

Much to our delight the clouds began to part revealing the glory of our surroundings. Denali's North peak, Foraker, Hunter and the great Alaska range was laid out below us. Wearily we descended the Denali pass and collapsed into our tents at 1am after a 13 hour day, exhausted but elated