Report from Pat - Everything Wet!!

Friday, 31 August 2007 00:00
Approx. 80km from the western edge of Greenland, the 3 adventurers are battling with an endless maze of melt water rivers on and under the surface. Massive Lakes with a layer of ice on top about 3 inches thick break through to 2 feet of slush and water as the day warms up. Pat was hopeful they would pick away for another day or so and if things didn't improve they will call it a day. They had only covered 9km when he called last night. A bit frustrated, he said "Its like a sting in the tail after plugging away to recover a day after our ordeal getting on to the ice cap..we are trying early in the AM tonight to see if it holds our weight for a while, its a vast bog like ice swamp, We are going to assess our situation over the next 48 hours as our progress at this rate could take a week"

We are awaiting instructions to re-schedule flights for them if they break through and make progress.

Either way they have completed an impressive journey across the frozen land mass of Greenland Arctic...Roll on Antarctica.