Irish Climber and friend John Delaney Dies on Mount Everest (RIP)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011 11:22
Irish Aconcagua team 2005 Irish Aconcagua team 2005 Pat Falvey


Sadly we have been informed that our good friend John Delaney Irish mountaineer and adventurer has died tragically during an attempt to reach


the Summit of Mount Everest. John Delaney got into difficulty and collapsed after suffering problems at 8,800 meters in the death zone, and was later pronounced dead. Due to communication difficulties on the mountain this has just now only been confirmed by expedition Leader Alex Abramov. The family have been informed and like all of John friends are in total shock. Pat had been in contact with Alex Abramov the expedition leader who have issued the following statement on behalf of the team and some details of the unfolding events.

Press statement sent today 04:00 Irish time from Base camp North side Everest to the Mountain Lodge:


On 20th May at 1930 hrs Chinese time a team of 8 climbers ( 1 x Irish, 1 x USA, 6x  Russian) 8 sherpas + 2 guides left high camp 8300 mts to attempt to summit  Mt. Everest. All  team  were strong and  using supplementary oxygen.  1 guide was at  the front of the team and 1 guide at the

end of the group. At approx. 0145 I received a message from 1 guide that Irish climber (Mr. Delaney) was having a problem at 8800 mts. Mr Delaney was in the middle of the group with his sherpa. I immediately called the lead guide who had been already on the summit with 4 Russians to leave the summit and assist with Mr. Delaney. Guides and sherpas helped  to get Mr.Delaney down to the top of 3rd step (8750mts) were Mr. Delaney collapsed. Guides + sherpas continued to work with Mr. Delaney for a further 1-2 hours but with no success. Our team doctor consulted

with guides on the ground by radio all the time they where with Mr. Delaney.  At approximately 0430 hrs guides pronounced Mr. Delaney dead.  All the Everest team of guides/climbers/sherpas and 7summits team send their condolences and respect to the Delaney family in Ireland.

Alex Abramov; President of "7 Summits Club".


As for us all at the Mountain Lodge we cannot put word's on how devastated we all are, our sympathy goes out to Orla his wife, to his three

young children as well as his mum and all of the family.

John was a passionate adventurer that loved challenge and mountains. He will be sadly missed by all his family and friends.

May he rest in peace.

Pat Falvey