3rd August factual report from K2

Sunday, 03 August 2008 00:00
Break of morning on K2. Disaster unfolding. 06 Am Irish time Reports back from K2 confirms following. All surviving climbers at camp 4 are moving down. We will not rest until they reach base camp. Climbers exhausted and suffering from altitude and been over 8000 meters for over three days. Known to us climbers as Death Zone. Reported climbers at bottle neck numbering estimates 5 have fallen off mountain on descent. Category climbing estimated risen to fatal. Other sighting of 2 climbers been hit by fallen ice at bottle neck witnessed by Marco who made it to camp 4 in speaking to his brother by phone. I cannot confirm if they are 2 of the 5 descending. Or whether it now makes 7 climber in the bottle neck. We have been informed that these are believed to be High altitude porters and some Koreans climbers. awaiting further confirmation on nationality. All climbers who have been positioned as unknown are now feared for. Rolf Has been confirmed as one of the climbers that has been in the sarac fall and confirmed as dead. Cecile Skog his wife had been climbing on K2 with him is now descending to Base camp. Lone Climber in Orange jacket is Wilco. Pemba and Cas has made their way to him are are now descending the Cessan Route. Wilco suffering with severe frost bite on feet and Cas severe frost bite to hands. Pemba is OK. For them it will be a long day down. It's turning from celebration of success to nightmare as we still Pray for a safe outcome for those now surviving high on the mountain. The mountain Lodge expedition office will be on standby for reports from K2 throughout the day. Picture. South Georgia traverse 2006 Ger far left, Pat right and Dr Clare O Leary behind Ger.. (Pat Falvey)