Latest Report (Part 2)- Norit K2 Summit Bid

Thursday, 31 July 2008 00:00
The last telephone call is from 4 o’clock in the morning (NL-time). Wilco reports that all Norit K2 team members are fully dressed and waiting in their badly damaged tents. They consider abandoning the summit attempt. I ask for a little thinking time. I will study the weather forecast and satellite images again and in the meantime Wilco will try to contact other expeditions on K2. The weather forecast does NOT show any signs of bad weather. The nearest precipitation is 300 kilometres to the south of K2 and the winddirection is North East. I send a SMS message to Wilco’s satphone and try to contact Roeland van Oss who is in K2BC. Roeland is trying to find out what happened to Hugues, the Frenchman who climbed towards the shoulder yesterday. I just received a SMS that Hugues spend the night just below the shoulder and moves on to reach C4 on the shoulder of K2. No sign of Nick Rice who might have descended to C3 on the Abruzzi route. The wind decreased and the Norit K2 team decides to climb to C4 on the shoulder of K2.

It will be become a very special summit attempt. At the moment the climbers will reach the summit of K2 a total solar eclipse will take place north of the K2 location. At that moment in time the sun will be covered by 73% at the K2 location. NO effect is expected for the weather and the amount of available light will slightly decrease. For your information we publish a map where you can track the path of the total solar eclipse and the amount of shadow on different locations.

If all works out well and the Norit K2 team will reach C4 on the shoulder of K2 a final summit bid will take place this coming night. Base Camp Netherlands is fully prepared. The PC and telephones are charged. BRING IT ON !