Norit K2 Team Report- Weather window on the way

Wednesday, 23 July 2008 00:00
Expedition latest update

Cas NEVER uses to much words. It’s plain and simple. All expeditions are in K2BC. It’s very boring and they are spending their days with reading, drinking coffee, reading books and talking (bullshit mostly). Some of the expeditions are leaving because they are running out of time, Some others are trying to rearrange travel arrangements because a good weather window is expected next week. The Norit k2 team will stay and will move up K2 starting July 29 th. Tonight all members will watch a dvd they “borrowed” from the Norwegian Expedition.

Gers latest update - 17 July 2008

Morale hit a new low for the team a few days ago when what appeared to be a possible weather window on the 18th vanished with the changing influences of the jet stream. High winds. No go. So we're still waiting on the weather. To kill some time 4 of us went on walkabout for a couple of days. Did us good to get out of basecamp for a little while. On our return it was back to business and meetings with other teams that are ready for a summit attempt. Another meeting now in a couple of minutes so I''ll keep this brief. Co-operation is looking good. The Koreans, Serbians, Italians and ourselves all seem to be on the same page. So better go. The lads are calling me. Meeting in the serbian tent next door.
All the best for now.

photo: Dining with the Italians