K2 BroadPeak 2006

Thursday, 17 August 2006 00:00

Facts on Avalanche from Russian team

These are extracts from an interview by climbing correspondent Andrey Afinogentov Sport-Express Russian with Sergey Bogomolov K2 Russian climber.“The Avalanche happened at 8350 meters, 261 vertical meters (860 feet) approx. below the summit”……. “It was an enormous piece of frozen snow and ice avalanche, 120* 80 meters in size, which…
The following is a condensed translation of the story on the Russian site.The author is one of the survivors Sergei Bogomolov. I've chosen to omit some of his meaningless sentences. Natasha Ter Gazaryan our Moscow representative.Extracts translated from interview with surviving Russian climber on Russian web site.“We had put ourselves…
Wednesday, 16 August 2006 00:00

Missing Russian Climbers named:

Sadly Russian climb announces the names of the K2 Kuzbass 2006 expedition who have been missing since August 13th. Hopes are now fading that there will be any further survivors will be rescued. The names are, expedition leader Yuri Uteshev, the coach Alexander Foigt, Piotr Kuznetsov and Arcady Kuvakin. May…
Telephone information from Serguey Bogomolov to Russian climb web site.August 12th reported all team at camp 4 had decided to call it a day and descend to base camp. There was no visibility and the snow conditions where deep. As the day progressed the weather cleared and the summit seemed…
Banjo safe at base camp.We are delighted to confirm that Banjo is now safe at base camp with the Polish climber Jacek and the remaining three Russian climbers. It has also been confirmed by the Leader of the Russian team that 4 of his team, sadly died in the Avalanche…
Tuesday, 15 August 2006 00:00

Update on Irish K2 climbers:

Ger McDonnell;Ger McDonnell has returned to Ireland on Sunday 13th August and is making a great recovery from his injuries that he received while on K2. He will be in Ireland for the next few weeks finalizing his plans for the The Irish beyond endurance expedition starting in November www.beyondendurance.ie…
Breaking news. Avalanche!On a summit push yesterday Sunday August 13th at around noon, a massive avalanche swept the upper slopes of K2. There was Seven Russian Climbers, Jacek a Polish climber and our own Banjo Bannon from Ireland on the move upwards when the avalanche happened. From our reporting we…
It’s over for another season Banjo the Russians and Polish Jacek have decide to call it a day and return to base camp. Home Base team for Banjos team have confirmed that they have received confirmation from Banjo that the K2 summit attempt is finally over. Banjo and the team…
Friday, 11 August 2006 00:00

Final push for summit of K2 for Banjo.

Banjo, Jacek and 2 Russian climbers will move from camp 3 today and push for camp four and hopefully push for the summit tomorrow night. This will of course be pending weather conditions, which they have received from Michael Fagin one of the best forecasters on mountain weather in the…
Thursday, 10 August 2006 00:00

K2 World Climb - a look back

The following piece was written by Alan Arnette about his recent expedition to Broad Peak and K2. Field Touring Alpine (FTA) were the orgainisers of the expedition.Irish climbers Ger McDonnell, Mick Murphy , John Dowd, Con Collins and John Roche were members of the same team and this piece gives…
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