Banjo update confirmed

Friday, 21 July 2006 00:00
Banjo at Base camp getting ready to leave.

Banjo has lost gear in the avalanche that struck the high camps on K2 earlier this week. He is down two tents, sleeping bags, socks and other vital gear. However, he stated today that he is hopeful his cache of gear at Camp 3 is intact. If this is the case then he will still be able to pursue a summit bid. In an effort to join up with Mick and Gerard, Banjo will leave Basecamp at three or four am on Friday and hopes to be at Camp 2 on Friday night. He will then sleep at camp two and attempt to reach Camp three by saturday or sunday. If all goes well and the summit gear is in place at camp three; Banjo and the others will attempt a summit bid on Monday night.

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