Update from Russians on final movements of teams on K2 before avalanche.

Wednesday, 16 August 2006 00:00
Telephone information from Serguey Bogomolov to Russian climb web site.

August 12th reported all team at camp 4 had decided to call it a day and descend to base camp. There was no visibility and the snow conditions where deep. As the day progressed the weather cleared and the summit seemed close so everyone changed their minds to go-for-it. So the summit attempt began on August 13th.

“The first party was Kulbachenko - Gaponov. The second who ascended, were Foigt, Kuznetsov, Uteshev and Kuvakin. The last party was Bogomolov - Bannon - Teler.

The avalanche caught the first and the second parties. Kulbachenko and Gaponov had dug out from the snow and tried to find others. The third party joined them. There're steep slopes below that place, and avalanche fell there. Serguey Bogomolov didn't see how the avalanche struck. Climbers couldn't find their partners. In addition, there was a danger of next avalanche, so they decided to descend. Tomorrow the expedition will leave the BC.” Reported Serguey Bogomolov from base camp.

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