Memorial to Ger McDonnell and Rolf Bae K2 2008

Tuesday, 02 August 2011 19:04
Rolf Bae And Ger McDonnell on South Georgia Antarctica Rolf Bae And Ger McDonnell on South Georgia Antarctica Pat Falvey Collection

In Memory Of Ger McDonnell and Rolf Bae: This week we remember our good friends Ger McDonnell and Rolf Bae who died on K2 2nd August 2008. From their family and friends we have lost two great lovable people. Our thoughts are with their families.

Thoughts of Ger and  Rolf

I just cant believe that three years have gone by since Ger McDonnell and Rolf Bae have passed away on K2,  has had a hugh effect on my thinking of the risks we take especially when it goes to those that we leave behind., our families in particular,  yet we as adventurers would not be who we are unless we follow our dreams and passion. I want to take this opportunity  to say thank you to all of those that we love that understands the passion that we have or had as adventures.

This week I celebrate all the good memories of working, climbing and adventuring with two of the most gentle climbers I have known.

I think about their families and how much they miss them.

I have lost 14 friends on high altitude mountains over 8000 meters, but none has effected me as much as the death of Ger and Rolf.

They are gone to a more heavenly place, they are missed and yes their memory continues on in those of us who knew them. May they R.I.P and never be forgotten.

Pat Falvey