Frustration in Yellowknife over

Friday, 26 February 2010 16:07

Were off, at least from YellowKnife in the North West Territories and in a way I felt sad leaving. Over the past 17 days there we made many good friends and were welcomed with open arms. I must pay a special Thanks to Matt Mossen  and all his partners that help out over our period there, it really made life a lot easier for us as a team.

One frustration finished
Now at least one frustration is over, we got a weather window and our Chartered, Dornier 228 took off on a five hour 850 mile flight to Resolute at 16;00 today with all of our gear onboard. This is an amazing aircraft, I even got the chance to fly it  for a hour up thanks to Dave. For me another first and a fantastic unexpected treat. 

We have shared the charter with Richard Webber a good friend of mine and his team helping all of us reduce the cost, its an expensive process chartering planes to get to these remote areas. (If your interested in knowing a little bit about Resolute I'll do it on another new Item.)

Pat Flying PlaneThe Flight to Resolute
Packed into the Dornier 228 we were briefed on the safety regulations by one of our two pilots. "There are five emergency exits and just to let you know our flying time today will be 5 hours and I hope you all went to the toilet before leaving as there are no toilets facilities on board.   But we do have pee bags, but as you see if you want to go there is no privacy.

There is no food service on Board but we do have a lunch pack for all of you. Well thats expedition life.

teaminplaneuse26febOver the next five hours we flew over the wilds of Canada, beautiful remote and rugged. On route we passed two mines a gold and a diamond mine and I was made aware of the fact that to get to them Canada's first ice roads were formed and was how ice road truckers series started filming trucks going to these mines. The remoteness of where they were situated blew my mind away.

Well, it was five hours flying as they said and no toilet and I held me pee all the way from  YellowKnife and by the time we landed I was bursting and nearly had to  wet my pants. God was I relieved when we got to our destination. I though once I started I'd never stop.

We said farewell to our pilots and headed for our hotel for a nights sleep.

Condition in Resolute was calm after a four day blow out with no planes landing and yes it was reasonably  cold. - 30 degree Celsius. We look forward to what a new day will bring. Packing, checking and rechecking, some training and finding out the schedule for our next departure to our starting point.

We are now on a countdown to go. We were scheduled to start standby for the final flight to Ward Hunt on Sunday, not sure just yet if the delays will continue but now that we are in Resolute we will update Niall back at base as soon as we can.