The wait is over - Green light for Monday

Sunday, 28 February 2010 22:20
Remote town - Resolute Remote town - Resolute

21:20 - Feb 28th

Just received a call from Pat, Clare and John in Resolute: "We are looking good for tomorrow mornings flight to our start point. The weather is good so we have to be ready tonight. We are awaiting some data coming back later today from a reconnaissance fly over of the start areas. Some reports yesterday indicated open water in certain areas and thickness being a possible concern although no data has been taken from the ground/ice itself. There are several other teams up here all now playing the wait and see game. Tomorrow we start our dream, whether or not the conditions are too dangerous we will see. I will update further when a course for our flight has been agreed then its final checks for our gear, a meal and our last sleep in a bed, if we sleep."

Over the next few weeks we hope to bring you some more images and video of their final days in Yellowknife and most importantly news and images from the team on the ice using their Iridium Satellite phone and HP Ipaq PDA. They will initially start on snowshoes and move on to skis after a forthnight as surface conditions stabalise but again they will be consistently assessing the terrain and adjusting. Their first day will probably consist of unload the plane, setting up the sleds and their clothing then a few hours trekking to their first campsite. Lets wait and see how they get on after their flight briefing. We will post an update here in the morning .

Niall Foley : Operations Manager