We are just coming off the ice shelf!

Friday, 05 March 2010 13:00

The team were dropped off on Tuesday evening Irish time and were only able to move 1 nautical mile in distance over and around house sized ice blocks, ridges and ledges to their first night on the frozen edge of the high Arctic.

With no contact from the team until 1pm today Friday, the initial anxious wait for family and followers is now over.

" We have about 9 nautical mile done so far and we seem to be getting closer to the edge of the ice shelf that gets pushed toward the frozen lands edge behind us a about 15-20miles. John, Clare and myself are in good form but its very tough with temperatures down to -40C. We hope to enter more even ice now over the weekend and start making better distance. We managed only 1 mile on Day 1, then about 4 on Day 2 and Day 3. We seem to be out of the worst of this section, hopefully have time to contact base again and give our position later tonight or early tomorrow"

Ice conditions are reported as 'good', which is positive news for all the teams. We will post the teams position here once received and we will have a trackmap available very soon also.

Niall Foley - Operations manager