Yellowknife, Canada the journey begins

Monday, 08 February 2010 17:10

8th Feb. 2010

We have arrived to our training camp in the diamond capital of Canada, a bit disappointing with the weather, a cool -12 degrees.  I know at home in Ireland that would nearly close the country but we are here training to go to the North Pole, we were expecting -32 degrees Celsius. This is not what it is suppose to be here now.

As we drive to our new home for the next 17 days at our new base camp at the blue raven B&B on the old part of the city the taxi driver is delighted that we should be in Yellowknife in the coolest it has been in 30 years, not realising how disappointed that we were to hear that.  “It must be climate change” the world’s weather is gone crazy” But very good for tourist now.

As he is saying that, we are concerned that the ice condition up North will be bad for us.

Base Camp On Otto Drive;
Our Base camp,  is situated right at the edge of the Slave Lake which will be our test ground for our gear checks and training over the coming days.

yellowknife from plane

From here we will make switch back journeys up and down the lake tweaking any final adjustments that we need to make to our gear. Once we are out of here that’s it.

Our lovely host Tessa Macintosh, is a professional Photographer and has been involved in a number of cultural publications she has worked with “Native Press and the NWT government  and has a great insight to native culture, which is also a keen interest of mine.

Well as I said the journey begins  for Clare, John and I. Tomorrow the work and the worry about our gear clearing customs begins.

Question in our head going to bed tonight .
•    Will we have all our gear sent from Ireland. 18 large duffle bags.
•    Will customs look for extra money and hold the consignment.
•    Will we have any damaged equipment.