Pat Kenny catches up with Pat from Resolute

Thursday, 10 March 2011 21:47
Pat and Clare to embark on mini Expedition Pat and Clare to embark on mini Expedition Clare O'Leary/ Pat Falvey Irish North Pole Expedition

On Tues 09th March, Today with Pat Kenny featured an interview with Pat on their Arctic Expedition

'In early February explorer and adventurer Pat Falvey set out on the first leg of his journey to the North Pole, the final expedition in a Three Pole Challenge.

Pat and his fellow adventurer Dr. Clare O’Leary have already reached the summit of Mount Everest and have walked 1140km to the South Pole in Antarctica but their biggest challenge to be the 1st Irish team to reach the North Pole has not been realised.

Pat joins me now on the line' Pat Kenny (1hr10min's into the show as seen as players timeline)

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