Freddys Blog Jan 02

Wednesday, 02 January 2008 00:00

"Wake up, Freddy, it's 6.10!" I rubbed my eyes and tried to sit up. I couldn't believe it was morning already. Clare was cooking breakfast and had already packed most of her gear. "Hurry on, Freddy - we're starting earlier this morning; we leave at 7.30."

I struggled out of my sleeping bag, while at the same time eating my breakfast. I really didn't want to be late - its not fair to leave the others waiting in the cold - and I was afraid they might start without me!

My boots had frozen solid during the night and it took me ages to force my paws in. I could feel the hard ice inside and shivered as I left the tent.

We started at 7.30 am as planned. I skied as fast as I could to try and warm up. I hadn't eaten a proper breakfast and soon felt hungry. The extreme cold here eats into your bones and uses lots of energy - that added to 8-9 hours skiing everyday is tough on our bodies.

As I skied behind Shaun and Jon, I could see how loose their clothes had become. Pat looks like a different person now and Clare like a stick insect.

I can't really see myself, but Polly tells me I am slowly disappearing! I have to work hard at eating everything - it gets so boring eating the same food day after day - I?m longing for a big home cooked dinner followed by my jar of honey!