Highfield Rugby Club Military Boot Camp Training

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 17:15
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At Pat Falvey army boot camp we have put a number of teams through this rigerous weekend training program specially designed to help in the areas of communication, focus, attention to details, planning and following through on objectives set.

Bear Island:

This weekend our Island boot camp was help on Bear Island and Highfield rugby club went through their paces on last weekend 17 to 19 September.

outside comfort zone:

They were met by the instructors at 19:00 hrs on Friday night. No sooner had they disembarked they were made to run 4km with bag in hand to the camp. There they were given their bed in the tent. First on the agenda was night navigation around the island. They returned to a welcomed cup of soup and sandwich. The team went through the briefing for the weekend. Then retired to try and sleep for the night.

Up at 05.00 given map and coordinates they had to search out their food for breakfast. So were lucky others were not but everyone shared what they had found. After all were fed it was down to business. Each was given 25kg packs and made run the 5km run to the first tower. When they got there they thought they had finished but this was not to be, they had to run to the other tower as well. Next evaluation was the water confidence training instruction. This was to build up there confidence in tough and hostile environment. After this was the assault course, stretcher run, and finished up with some close quarter combat.

Dinner was bush craft style with Rabbit, Pigeon, and Deer on the menu. All had to be skinned, butchered and cooked by the team. After dinner they did more navigation and finished with some field pt. Lights out 24.00 were they tired.

Up Sunday morning at 08.00 for 8km run with 25kg sandbags to White cross. There they took part in a debriefing and self evaluation on the weekend. After this there were then ran back down to camp to a surprise full Irish Breakfast. The camp finished with a march back to the ferry at 12.00.

“It was agreed by all that if they fail in their goal the would be back and it would be tougher”

Objectives for the weekend were, Improve Communication, Discipline, Fitness, Teamwork, Self belief.

Terry Healy Boot Camp faciliator/  Instructor.

Pat Falvey boot camp division