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The Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur

Pat's extraordinary life includes more than its fair share of triumphs and disasters as a businessman and adventurer. There were many high, and there were low points too. His stories of survival against the odds are inspiring, but his ability to relate those points to everyday challenges is where the magic happens.

From an early beginning

At the age of seven, Pat’s mentor and grandmother Mary B. O’Callaghan set him up in his first business. By purchasing a baby’s pram to collect second hand clothes for her to sell, Pat expanded the pram’s use by collecting turf (a fire fuel) from a nearby coal merchant, and selling kindling from his father’s building yard to old age pensioners. At the age of ten Pat was the wealthiest kid in his area and had a thriving business.

Hunger for success

With a hunger for success and business, Pat left school at just 15 years old “to become a millionaire.” He followed his dreams and goals with focus, determination and passion.

By the age of 21 Pat had achieved his objective. Life and business became a roller coaster. Success after success led to him becoming one of Ireland’s leading young business entrepreneurs.

When Pat was 29, Ireland went through a severe recession. Pat took his eye off the ball, overtraded, and cash-flow dried up. The banks, who had given an umbrella while the business climate was fine, took it back while it rained. Pat lost everything and went broke.

Lessons learned

This period of life was traumatic, but the lessons Pat learned would help lead to future success in an unforeseen career. From a state of depression and total loss of self esteem, new ideas took form.

A new beginning
To relieve the stress of his dire circumstances, Pat took up hill walking. On only his second climb – reaching the summit of Ireland’s highest peak – he was so stimulated that he turned to a friend and, with a glint in his eye, declared he was going to climb Mt Everest. Of course everyone thought he was just a dreamer.

A journey of adventure
A new course began to unfold that would take him from the depths of depression to rebuilding his self esteem and confidence, leading to a lifetime of adventure all around the world. With renewed determination and focus he rebuilt his business, and went on to complete over 65 thrilling and exciting adventures around the world, crossing glaciers, mountains, deserts and jungles to make his dreams a reality.

Pat has climbed on Mt Everest four times, reaching the summit twice. Leading teams across Antarctica and Greenland, Pat stood on the South Pole, the North Pole, as well as completing many more life-changing expeditions. He also became the first person in the world to have twice reached the highest peak on each of the seven continents, including Mt Everest from both Nepal and Tibet.

The exploration of man

Pat also lived with and studied over 20 tribes of people world-wide, from western man, to nomadic tribes in Africa, to the stone-age tribes in the jungles of West Papua New Guinea. From them, he has learned fascinating similarities and traits in all of mankind: to challenge, to change, set goals, to achieve, and studied what exactly has driven man to succeed since the evolution of our species.

Taking all the experiences his lifetime in business, extreme adventure, travel and leadership, Pat has created a formula for success. As an expedition leader and businessman, his adventures and work have taken him to every corner of our planet, working and living with multi-lingual and cultural groups to achieve success.

He and his team of corporate trainers have developed a range of presentations and courses that encourage people and companies to realize full potential.

Through sheer determination, positive attitude, self-belief and passion for life, Pat conquered the fear of failure and achieved his dreams in all he has set his mind to.

Pat believes that we all have an Everest and that we all want to be part of a winning team. It is within all of us to succeed if we want to.

The future

Never one to rest on his laurels, Pat has many exciting new projects on the go.


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