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Pat Falvey's Profile & Biography

Entrepreneur - Motivational Speaker - Leader - Adventurer - Explorer - Team trainer - Environmentalist - Author - Photographer and Film producer.
  • * Had his own business at 7 years of age
  • * Left school at 15 be become a millionaire
  • * Achieved his financial goals by 20
  • * Over traded in business and went broke at 29, lost everything
  • * Refocused, rebuilt his business and an adventure career out of adversity
  • * Is one of the world’s most experienced Adventurer Leaders
  • * Climbed Mt. Everest twice, walked to South Pole and 68 other high adventures worldwide
  • * Is Ireland's leading motivational business speaker and story teller
  • * Has lived with and studied many tribes and what it is that has driven man since our evolution to conquer, to challenge, to succeed since our evolution
  • * Pat is the first person in the world to have completed climbing the seven highest mountains on the Seven Continents twice including Mt Everest from Nepal and Tibet
Pat philosophy:

“Life is like a mountain, and we all have mountains to climb, we all have an Everest, believe in yourself, your goals, never quit, have dreams, go-for them and make them a reality”

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