Climb for Suicide Aware 2011

SUICIDE AWARE, a Cork based Voluntary Organisation set up to help deal with the issues of depression and suicide in Ireland, are running a number of Activities in 2011 in conjunction with Irish & Worldwide Adventures

Aims & Objectives

  1. To promote awareness and prevention of suicide.To identify and meet the needs of people suffering from depression and suicide related issues.To set up educational programmes and activities for the purpose of creating public awareness and understanding of mental health, depression and suicide
  2. To set up Counselling services with seven day, twenty four hour accessibility where and when required
  3. To set up relevant community centres which are identifiable in local areas, to act as facilitatory centres for anyone in crisis. To develop a Suicide Support and Information Service.

I Am Responsible ..... When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the support of Suicide Aware always to be there.... And for that I am Responsible .....


Currently providing Councelling Courses in Cork with Certification for people interested in training to provide support for anyone who is depressed or suicidal

Setting up Voluntary Committees in Cork/Kerry for people who are involved in the local communities

All activities group/community based. Priority and emphasis on outdoor activity -type events to encourage communication and participation by people in difficulty

Activities 2011

Corrán Tuathail Climb with Pat Falvey 29th May 2011

Kilimanjaro Climb Jan 25th 2011 & June 25th 2011

Trekking New Orleans - Memphis - Nashville  TBC 2011

Enquiry & Bookings

Further information can be provided through Suicide Aware or from any of the team at Irish & Worldwide Adventures on all these fundraising events

Suicide Aware:

Tel 087-9454202  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Important Message

If you feel you cannot cope with life or if you are worried about a family member or a friend call 087 7998602

Suicide Helpline 1800 24 7100 provides a 24/7 freephone helpline

If you are feeling suicidal or if you are concerned about someone else Call 1800 742 745 from 6pm to 10pm daily

Suicide Bereavement Support Service Cork & Kerry 087 7986944