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Pat Falvey Irish and Worldwide Adventures: Ireland’s Leading and Longest Established Irish Adventure Company

Pat Falvey is a world renowned adventurer and expedition leader who’s love of the great outdoors started with a walk up a small mountain in county Kerry called Mangerton in 1986 after an attempt to take his own life through suicide due to the failure of his construction company. See Corporate Bio


Pat’s Life changed after his visit to Mangerton Mountain which set him on a journey of adventure that has taken him all around the world and become one of the top adventurers and expeltion leaders. His initial years Pat climbed the highest coldest and most remote and beautiful regions on earth. 


1995: Pat's love of adventure inspired him to set up Pat Falvey Worldwide Adventures, to bring ordinary people to extraordinary places. Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Elbrus and many other famous treks around the world.


1996: Pat expanded his business to develop a School of Mountaineering, enabling team members to learn the art of being self-sufficient on mountains around the world. 


1998: Pat started as a motivation and inspiration trainer, speaker and consultant to the corporate world and his presentation, courses and seminars have been presented to 000’000’s throughout the world. 


2006: Pat Falvey set up an Educational Foundation to begin to focus minds and spirits on creating a greater common future for all people on the planet. "Inspiring Minds Through Action It is an unique, innovative in education bringing together teachers committed to help safeguard the future of society. It draws its inspiration from Pat Falvey a man with a strong dedication to this and to life long learning and adventure education.


2007: At the age of 50 Pat also set up The Forever Young Club which specialises in trekking, holidays and expeditions for 50 to 90 year mature team members to bring similar minded people together to continue trekking and expedition throughout the world. 

Pat has also documented his adventures and that of other’s in film, TV and books that inspire people to follow their dreams no matter what age they are.  See Pat's Author and Film Bio.


Pat Falvey Irish and Worldwide Adventures is now Ireland’s leading travel adventure company with some of the most experienced mountaineers and adventurer leaders in the world. 


We Would Love You To Join Us And Make Your Dream A Reality.