Overview of Grundtvig Project

The purpose of the Project is to build a consortium of experts that will share their knowledge and expertise about informal adult learning in various EU countries. The emphasis of the Project will be on opportunities for informal learning in various subjects that are provided to the public (adults) through informal learning contexts such as long-distance courses, internet courses, environmental parks, natural history museums, science centers, galleries, nature trails and other resources.

Teachers, museum staff, explainers, curators, parents, and researchers in different EU countries have different knowledge and experiences, so in order to achieve an impact on knowledge and understandings of informal learning and to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning opportunities for adults, a European rather than a national or local approach is needed.

The target groups of the project are adults of any background with interests in informal learning, such as museum staff, science communicators, curators, teachers, artists, and the general public.