Curraglass School "Meet the Explorer Series" Pat Falvey

Meet The Explorers Series is an educational initiative by Pat Falvey Educational Division to educate young children and students about the world we live in with an interactive presentations that go out to thousands of students every year. Below we see it forming an interesting education benefit in the Social, Environmental, Scientific, Education (S.E.S.E) curriculum for young people.

Joanne O'Brien/Principal Curraglass National School, Cork

Many many thanks Pat, It was wonderful to be able to skype and the children really got a great kick out of it.

"As part of the S.E.S.E. curriculum I had spent a number of weeks working with my class on areas such as Explorers through the ages, the race to the South Pole and the geography of the Antarctic. Pat Falvey in his presentation to the children brought our many weeks of work off the pages of books and to life. The children were fascinated by his stories and I was greatly impressed by his ability to relate to them at their own level. I can honestly say that for the duration of the presentation Pat held them in the palm of his hand. Pat also impressed them with his great love and desire to preserve our planet. We are currently working towards our first Green Flag and Pat very much impressed upon the children the great value of their work. The children also learned the importance of tenacity, self belief and perseverance in achieving your dreams. Pat took the time to answer the children's many questions and took time to speak to each child. Over all it was a fantastic educational experience for the children and I cannot recommend or thank Pat Falvey enough for his time and wonderful presentation".
Joanne O'Brien/Principal