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Paralympic Council of Ireland

Friday, 11 April 2008 00:00

On Friday April 4, 2008 Pat Falvey addressed the Irish Paralympic Team in Limerick.

Liam Harbison, Performance Director Paralympics said, "As usual, a guest speaker addressed the group during the camp. On this occasion, adventurer Pat Falvey gave a magnificent account of the numerous adventures he has succeeded in completing in his career including reaching the South Pole and reaching the peak of Mount Everest on two occasions. Falvey delivered his address in a very informative, but highly entertaining manner, one which resonated with Irish athletes attempting to reach their "Everest" next September in "Beijing."

Eoin Cleare, Paralympic Athlete

I found Pat's talk very interesting and motivating and it really shows if you put your mind down to anything you can do it. When I heard he went up Everest 4 times and only got to the top twice you had to have some determination and will power. Then to go trek to the south pole took some guts. If we all had this determination we would all succeed in whatever we do"