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Fantastic Success for Cancer Research Walking Weekend

Friday, 22 July 2011 15:22
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Pat Falvey with trekkers on the Cancer Research Challenge Pat Falvey with trekkers on the Cancer Research Challenge Don McGongale


Huge turn out for Cancer Research Walking Weekend in Kenmare. This is the fourth year that we have been involved in the Cancer Research Walk which has seen a huge increase in numbers over the years for this popular event. The walking is suitable for beginners that just want to get up, get out and get fit.

Strong support has raised €400,000 to date: Today Pat Falvey and Pat Spillane set off over with 220 people on a the three day Kerry Way Challenge and Trek to raise money For Cancer Research. The projected target for this years fundraiser is hoped to top over €100,000, bringing the total over the four years to reach over the €400,000 mark.



The Gods are with the Walkers: On The Kerry Way this year, it seems as if the gods of nature are with the walkers as the forecast predicts three fine days ahead. The Kerry Way is one of the most scenic and beautiful areas in the country and the walk brings us across magnificent scenery of both landscape and seascape around the Kenmare region. The weekend blends walking and social activities that covers over 100km of both the Iveragh and Beara Peninsula, as well as good food and accommodation in Kenmare with good music and mighty craic. A lot of the trekkers have made an annual event of this challenge and have developed amazing friendships through the cancer research challenge.


Once again, Pat Falvey was delighted to be involved and commented that “There is not one family in the country that has not been effected by this disease.  Funds raised at this event go, to what has been recognised, as one of the leading research centres in the world, helping to develop cutting edge science in the treatment of cancer and I am honoured to be associated in this event.”


We just like to wish all trekkers a wonderful weekend and to say well done to all the staff volunteers and guides on what will once again go down as a wonderful weekend in Kerry.





Information on the Cancer Research Project: The Cork Cancer Research Centre (CCRC) is a multidisciplinary organisation that investigates major issues that concern the genesis, progression or treatment of cancer. Its purpose is to provide discovery and innovations that may be applied to the prevention of the cancer in the first place or to the development of more effective treatment strategies. Its foundation was based on the unshakeable belief that the cancer questions can be resolved and that we could create the capability to make significant contributions.

kerrywaySince its inception in 1999, Cork Cancer Research Centre has been a leading force in developing new treatments for cancer patients that provide tangible benefits to those most in need of breakthroughs. Current research at the Centre is solving the critical challenge of secondary cancer and is directed at three research themes: Cell Death and Survival Mechanisms, Novel Therapeutics and related Devices and Gene Therapy. Cork Cancer Research Centre has also developed significant programmes in Prevention and Education.

The progress and success at the Centre has been through the scientific and personal initiatives that the CCRC has established with groups throughout the world. Vital to our success has been the core structure upon which multidisciplinary programmes are built. This approach ensures that we take the latest findings from clinical practice to the laboratory to focus our research. We then bring the latest research breakthroughs to the clinicians to apply our findings. The research work carried out at the Centre has already translated into five unique clinical studies.

From our modest beginnings with only two employees, the Centre has rapidly expanded in both size and significance, while never forgetting the central tenet of our task: To advance new cancer treatments through research. This continues to be our mission.

CCRC staff are located in laboratories and offices at the Mercy University Hospital and the Leslie C. Quick Jr. Laboratory, Biosciences Institute, UCC. Funds for the Centre are generated through research grants, voluntary fundraising efforts and private donations.

"Advancing New Treatments Through Research"

Registered Charity No: CHY 11831

For more information please contact Helena Slattery, Development Officer for Cork Cancer Research Centre on 021 4901437 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..