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JTI international Conference at the Ritz Carlton, Pat Falvey guest speaker.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 14:14
Published in Conferences & Speaking
Enterprising-Open-Challenging Enterprising-Open-Challenging

Pat Falvey Speaks at the Sales Conference for JTI at the Ritz Carlton.

JTI has over 25,000 employees of 90 different nationalities in 60 countries. The company has long recognized the links between cultural diversity and success and understands the importance of having teams work together to create success across the entire company.

Through shared knowledge, with constant fresh ideas, this helps the company make more effective decisions with better solutions.

Pat was an after dinner speaker at their sales conference and gave a colourful entertaining presentation on his life stories of success and failure and the need to change in a changing world.

The presentation was on being enterprising and open to change in a challenging market place.

Pat Falvey is Ireland's leading Business, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker. who's presentations have enthralled hundres of thousands of people throughout the world.