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"Meet The Explorers Series" for Primary Schools

Monday, 13 February 2012 17:15
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Pat Falvey with Children by Sat Link Pat Falvey with Children by Sat Link Yellow Furze collection

New initiative from our Educational Program: Meet the Adventurer Series:

Primary Schools: Educational: Climate change, global warming, population explosion.

Meet the Explores Series:

As part of our ongoing dedication in bringing education to the schools, we have now introduced our new series of “Meet the Explorers Series” Pat Falvey now brings the real life experiences of his adventures around the world into the classroom through our interactive web presentation. Meet Pat and other adventurers as they bring their stories into the class room.

From the top of the world on Mount Everest to the coldest places on earth in the Antarctic and the Arctic, learn about the beauty of the most hostile places on earth. Experience the beauty and the cold, see the amazing wildlife, penguins, polar bears. Learn about global warming, climate change and population explosion and how it affects us as humans. Now more so then ever it’s important to expose our young people in an interactive way what is happening on planet earth. Our first webinar to the classroom was with Yellow Furze primarily school in County Meath, Ireland. We were delighted with the quality of the internet access and quality of the connection. The presentation was for over an hour. Last week Pat Falvey launched our Motivational Educational Series of talks around the country in County Meath Ireland.


Teacher Miss Helen Hickey:

“We were studying Explorers and Antarctica in S.E.S.E and I thought it would be a great opportunity for the children to talk to someone who has done a lot of exploring and has been to Antarctica. Initially I thought that we would only get the children’s questions answered by email. To be able to see Pat’s pictures and talk to him was certainly something the children wouldn’t forget! Using the internet in this way is a real opportunity for classrooms to talk to different people from all different walks of life. They were so excited about talking to Pat that one of them cancelled his dental appointment! We would hope to talk to Pat later in the year for our Green schools, about the impact of global warming which he sees first hand.”

Helen Hickey, Yellow Furze Primary School, Navan, County Meath. Ireland


Below are a few comments from the young students:


I really liked all the pictures he showed us and the way he told us all about his travels. - Áine age 11

I really enjoyed it and I loved the pictures of the tribes, the frostbite and Everest. It makes me want to be an adventurer. - Cían age 11

I thought he was very funny .The frost bite was funny and sick and I thought the pictures were brilliant. - Sean age 11

I really liked talking to you. I liked the pictures and asking questions and it was brilliant talking to you. - Dylan age 11

I loved the way we got to talk to you and I loved all the places you went to. The photos you showed us were amazing. But the best thing was the questions. - Connor age 11

It was amazing. I love the way we were the first school in the country to Skype him. I loved all the photos you showed us and I would  love to do it again. The frostbite pictures were horrible! - Katie age 11

The frostbite was gross, photos were amazing and the questions were the best of all. He answered all my questions.  I would love to do it again with him. - Tom age 11

I thought it was brilliant I really liked the pictures and videos the frostbite was sick but that’s what made them class it was really cool I hope we are able to talk to him again. - Cian age 11

I really enjoyed the pictures and talking to you and hope that we can do it again sometime you have some brilliant photos. - Seamus age 11

I really enjoy the pictures and talking to Pat Falvey. The frost bites looked horrible. - Chloe aged 11

I really enjoyed the frostbite pictures hope I can ask you 1 or 2 more questions about Antarctica -  Kian age 11

I thought it was really fun and interesting . it was amazing what he had done. - Lydia age 11

I thought it was really good and I liked looking all the pictures. It’s cool that you climbed Mt Everest 4 times  - Malik age 11

I thought it was really good because now we can write any story that we want. It was cool what he had done - Tiernan age 10

I thought it was really good and I thought the pictures were really cool. - Ella age 11

I thought it was very interesting and the pictures were good. - Aoife age 10

I though the frost bites was deadly. - Seán age 11

I really liked the animals and I thought it was very interesting and I think Pat is very brave. - Isabel age 11

I really enjoyed talking to Pat Falvey, and I loved the picture of the polar bear playing in the snow. But a bit grossed out about the frostbite though! - Éadaoin aged 11

I really enjoyed the slide show, the frost bite looks really disgusting, the thought of it falling off just scares me!  - Aoife aged 11

I thought the way we could ask him questions about his adventures was really good and the way we could learn about how hard an explorer’s life is. A bit freaked out from the FROSTBITE!!! - Lauren aged 11

I liked the powdery food he had to eat - Ben 11

I enjoyed talking to him and the photos. I would love to do it again. I really liked seeing you and your photoos. It was great. And I liked Freddy. It was good. - Ross aged 10

I thought it was really good because you could see a real explorer and be able to talk to him and ask him questions and about his expeditions.  - Eanna age 11

I like it because we could see you and you could see us. - Jason age 11

With the help of teachers like Helen Hickey from Yellow Furze we are developing three new presentation for primary schools that will tie in with History and Geography as well an interactive environmental presentation.

Pat Falvey: “As part of our ongoing educational programs we are committed to bringing inspirational and motivational projects into the classroom and we are developing these with the help of communication through the web.”






Sat Link Pat Falvey to classroom