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Succeeding in a Recession - UCC Ireland, Entrepreneurial & Social Society.

Thursday, 28 October 2010 13:52
Published in Conferences & Speaking
Pat Falvey and his father Tim  Center with Committee of UCC Entrepreneurial and Social Society. Pat Falvey and his father Tim Center with Committee of UCC Entrepreneurial and Social Society. Dylan Buckley

Pat Falvey has just returned from his well publicized expedition to The Himalaya with a group of Irish celebrities who were each given a task to push themselves Beyond their Endurance to achieve a task that most would have said would be impossible to achieve. Pat flew into Cork city to presented a lecture to an enthusiastic group of over a 100 entrepreneurial students at Cork University of Ireland who are members of the Entrepreneurial & Social Society.


His lecture on "Succeeding in a Recession" was based on his acclaimed presentation on Leadership and the 'Attributes of Success'.


"The Psychology Of Success" focuses on the ability for those with aspirations to succeed as a entrepreneur in a challenging and changing world.

His presentation focused on self belief, having vision and the benefit of a positive attitude in a changing environment. He spoke about the creation of new opportunities for those that seek them, in particular young blood with dreams. He spoke on the negativity besetting those that see no future and suggested that we look at the good the recession will bring.  He said that we should look at our present status in time as a period of 'pre-boom time' and how to find ourselves.  There are many opportunities for young enthusiastic entrepreneurs that believe!  His message to the young audience was not to see failure as an end game but to see mistakes as a opportunity to learn.


His parting advice was to be confident no matter what life throws at you and don't give up your dreams and always have a 'go-for-it attitude.'


 "On behalf of the committee of the Entrepreneurial and Social Society in University College Cork, please accept my most sincere thanks. We thoroughly enjoyed your visit to University College Cork and it was a pleasure listening to your presentation which was as colourful, intriguing, interesting, motivating and captivating as you are Pat." ~ David Murray


For more information on Pat - www.patfalvey.com