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Crossing The Winning Line Together Creates Success.

Tuesday, 09 August 2011 12:19
Published in Corporate Blog
Pat Falvey Professional business inspirational Speaker Pat Falvey Professional business inspirational Speaker Pat Falvey . Collection-Office


Crossing the winning line together creates success.


One of the greatest attributes that we have to create success throughout our lives as individuals, as a team, as a community and as a nation, is the ability to work together in creating an environment that allows us as people, in no matter what sphere of life we are operating in, the ability of working and helping each other to succeed and to celebrate when we do.  We all will cross the finishing line together and succeed!


Most of us aspire to this ideal, but in recent times we have as a nation, a people, forsaken what at one stage came natural to us. Now this realisation is, throughout the world and within successful companies and organisations, being worked on to help organisations recover from one of the world's greatest recessions. WE as individuals, leaders and managers are realising that working together is far more beneficial than the 'divide and conquer' attributes that pertain to most over recent years.


More and more we are realising the benefit of having a united team with the motto of “all for one and one for all”. As concerned citizans of the world and family people these principles operated equally in the areas of business, country and family as well. The story of which I’d like to tell you this month is heart rendering, It is the story of eight athletes who were running in the 1968 Seattle Special Olympics.


A story of coming across the finishing line together:


Eight athletes, all at the starting line of the 100 yard sprint in what would be their greatest race.  The tension, as you can imagine, is high as they wait for the start of their race. Each and every one of them are excited at the challenge of competing for an Olympic medal. They had trained hard for this day and they were competing to win a gold, silver or bronze medal.


The stadium is full with over 50,000 spectators who have come to support the athletes from around the world.


Starting line:


The race is about to begin, all the athletes get down on their knees, preparing for the race to start. On your marks, get set and the gun goes off with a loud bang -  and they are off!


All the athletes break loose from the starting blocks, but as they do, one of the girls comes off the starting blocks awkwardly, trips over herself and falls to the ground.


Instantly the spectators, who have been focused on the start of the race, give a huge sigh of total disbelief.  As the other athletes are now thundering down the track something unusual happens. The second last girl sees what has just happened and a second sigh goes out from the now amazed spectators. The girl turns to walk back to the athlete that is now crying on the ground, Then even something more unusual happens when all of the other six girls who have realised what has happened to the girl who has fallen,  stop and turn and walk back to the girl also.  The spectators watched as all eight girls linked hands together and proceeded down the track to the finishing line and crossed it together.


All eight athletes received a medal for what had been an amazing show of unity and by doing so, they all became winners!


If I can ask you to think of how we can take from this lesson of working together - within our families, communities, organisations and countries  - help each other do as these special athletes have done. Come across the winning line together as a family, as a team, as an organisation and as a nation.