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Pat Falvey Speaks at the Sales Conference for JTI at the Ritz Carlton. JTI has over 25,000 employees of 90 different nationalities in 60 countries. The company has long recognized the links between cultural diversity and success and understands the importance of having teams work together to create success across…



"From the Valleys to the peaks" Article  Breda Joy on Pat Falvey
From the Valleys to the Peaks. A millionaire at 21, Pat Falvey was on the verge of losing his family home at 29. He tells Breda Joy how he made it out of the valley to the mountain top.   Starting out as a bricklayer in his native Cork at…



Just Imagine a Life Without Illness
Just imagine a life without illness... Go For It! The Power of Positive Affirmation: Pat Falvey with Michael O'Doherty I was an invited guest to Michael O'Doherty's workshop and clinic in Killarney, on using the power of the mind and the energy fields within your body to cure illness. Michael and…



Pat Falvey with Children by Sat Link
New initiative from our Educational Program: Meet the Adventurer Series: Primary Schools: Educational: Climate change, global warming, population explosion. Meet the Explores Series: As part of our ongoing dedication in bringing education to the schools, we have now introduced our new series of “Meet the Explorers Series” Pat Falvey now brings…



Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Pat Falvey
Pat Falvey motivates and inspires young Irish students to seeing a bright future. 240 Students enthralled by Pat Falvey’s presentation. As part of our company's educational charter, Pat takes time out to inspire and motivate young students to have dreams and goals and to have a go-for-it positive attitude. To…



Munster team Heineken Cup winners
Pat Falvey was the guest speaker at a pre-match dinner at Thomond Park for the Heineken Cup Munster VS Castres Olympique. 350 supporters were entertained with an inspiring presentation based on the importance of supporters and teams working together to create success.     Pat's colourful presentation focused on the…



Court Of Experts
On the 30th November 2011, Leading Edge Group hosted a Court of Experts Seminar on "Managing Change" at the Fota Island Resort in Cork. Pat Falvey was the Keynote Speaker at the event. Testimonials: "Thanks again to Pat for last week - Pat received 99% full satisfaction ratings which is…



Enterprise Midwest - Pat Falvey Guest Speaker
Mountaineer and entrepreneur, Pat Falvey, helped the County and City Enterprise Boards launch the ‘Enterprise Mid-West’ initiative which was designed to help small business owners reach their full potential on the 22nd September..   Speaking at the launch, Eamon Ryan said: “The Enterprise Boards in the Mid-West are collectively staging fourteen…



Twists and Turns of Life- Success through life long learning
  Twists and Turns of Life- Success through Life Long Learning September inevitably brings back memories of school. Noone forgets their first day, I think. This week a friend of mine took her small boy to his first day of what will be many days to come. She told me…



Pat Falvey Professional business inspirational Speaker
  Crossing the winning line together creates success.   One of the greatest attributes that we have to create success throughout our lives as individuals, as a team, as a community and as a nation, is the ability to work together in creating an environment that allows us as people,…