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Barranco Camp to Karranga Camp 4000m

Monday, 07 September 2009 00:00
The team had a good day today- crossed over the Barranco wall, a light scramble, to gain an altitude of 4200 meters before traversing the Southern slopes of the mountain down to 4000 meters to the Karranga valley and Camp site for tonight.

The weather today is very cold and there is a good nip in the air. Today is part of an extra acclimatization day for the team. So the team will be sleeping at a similar height to last night.
All the team were very tired after arriving at the Camp site and after lunch, Gerry and Fredrick our leader and head guide will go with the team up the mountain a further 400 meters sleep tonight. This should help the team to move up into position for the summit tomorrow. All the team are now getting anxious as tomorrow brings them to high camp and the move on the summit. Everyone in feeling in good humor and eating well. Gerry was eating lunch today and one of his teeth fell out and it wasn't that Derek hit him in the mouth by mistake with his elbow.

Everyone is enjoying the experience and good friendships are being made with all of the porters, guides and the team