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Mt Kilimanjaro Team Trip Report June 2011

Sunday, 26 June 2011 20:58
Mount Kilimanjaro Mount Kilimanjaro Pat Falvey

Today saw our June trekking team leave their base hotel at Moshi (910m), set for the Machame Gate passing banana and coffee plantations that line the route. Our lead guide was in contact to say everyone was in great spirits as they set off after meeting their trekking team of Guides, Porters & Cooks.

Our team's first day has seen their ascent from Machame Gate (1490m) to Machame Camp (2980m) through the Montane Forest region. Tonight, Aine, Caoimhe & Roisin will spend their first night on Mount Kilimanjaro. Tommorrow as they leave the forest, opportunities to experience some of the much talked about magestic views of the mountain itself and surrounding lands should make for a wondeful backdrop for their days trek.

Probably the most beautiful route up Kilimanjaro, the Machame provides a scenic splendour such as not seen on other routes. From late afternoon sunsets at Shira, to the wonderous views of Kibo at the great Barranco Wall, the Machame route offers the adventurous hiker a stunning experience on the world's higest free standing mountain.

Our 7 day itinerary affords the most valuable commodity on the mountain - acclimatisation. The extra day allows our teams to trek high and sleep - one of the key elements to successful acclimatisation that has aided in seeing a 98% success rate with our trekkers on reaching the summit over the past 14 years.

Barranco Wall - June 28th 'Everyone's in great form and today, are set to take on the Great Barranco Wall' Thomas from our office in Tanzania calls to report on girls third day on Mount Kilimanjaro.

The 'breakfast wall' is a stiff 800 foot scramble that once passed, brings you to beautiful views from the Karanga Valley and a much deserved respite! Pole to Pole (Slowly Slowly) will be advise well heeded on today's trek.

The Lava Towers (4630m - a bit higher than the summit of Mt Meru) can be climbed on todays route to aid acclimatisation as an optional extra if feeling up to it, just prior to a descent down a steep rock face. Tonight will see the team at almost half way point of their 7 Day adventure on Mount Kilimanjaro and as they rest at Barranco Camp (3950m), they should experience some of the most amazing views of the summit glaciers and down onto the Barranco Valley.

June 30th 'Hi, Caoimhe here with Roisin on the way to Base Camp.  (Barafu Camp 4633m) Tonight we set off for the summit at 12pm our time. Say Hi to my mom for me.'

Yesterday the team set off across the Karanga River heading for the Karanga campsite. It was during this trek that one of team, Aine felt unwell and a decision was taken to come down via the Umbwe Route, a steep but quick path that saw Aine in full health as she left the Mount Kilimanjaro Park Gate and returned to Base Hotel in Moshi. Congratulations Aine on your achievement and decision and we look forward to hearing from you as you continue on your journey, deciding to get a few days in Zanzibar post Safari- for much deserved rest.


Today, the fifth day for the team on ascent, follows the path up and across a rocky zone, finishing at the High Camp Barafu. Very little vegetation can be found on the inhospitable terrain. A field of sedimentary rocks litters the ground like many broken mirrors on this scenic traverse to Barafu. Later tonight, Caoimhe and Roisin will commence on their summit attempt with lead guide Zongolo. We will follow their progress as further updates come in and we wish the girls a safe and happy climb.  Caoimhe climbs Mount Kilimanjaro for the Cork based charity Suicide Aware and on top of all the preparation and training the team put into getting ready for their challenge, Caoimhe's fantastic fundraising events have to be commended. If you want to climb for Suicide Aware or any other charity, contact us now to arrange it for you - www.patfalvey.com


July 1st - 07:25am Irish time  - A call from our Base Office in Tanzania prompted a call to Caoimhe and Roisin

'At 0630 local time, Rosin and I successfully reached summit. We took lots of photos and it was amazing. Roisin is ahead of me now as we make our way down to Base Camp. Thanks for everything' Caoimhe.   Our lead guide further added 'the girls made good time on their summit ascent and are both in very good health. After rest at Barafu, descent will continue to Mweka Camp for early this afternoon' 

From Mweka Camp, if cloud allows, another great view of the top of Kilimanjaro should prevail, peaking out from behind the hill above Camp. In looking at the summit, the total of what has been accomplished in 6 days (with descent in less than one day!!) is fully realised.

On route to Barafu(Base Camp)


Don’t forget, the night before, you probably woke up at 11:00pm, and hiked six-eight hours before making it to the summit and then a further seven-ten hours to the point where you now stand. Tired no doubt but energised by the experiences your journey has left you with, this last night on Mount Kilimanjaro is one that you will never forget.

Our sincere congratulations to all the team and we look forward to hearing from you all over the coming days as you leave the mountain and head for a 3 Day Safari, luxury lodgings and very little walking, if desired.  :)

July 10th: With all the team back safely and rested post trip, it's been great to hear of their experiences and see the photos they captured along the way. 'Had a great time' 'Really enjoyed the trek' are some of the comments that have been coming in and over the coming days, we will add an image gallery of more shots brought back from Tanzania by our June trekking team. Congratulations again guys!!



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Mount Kilimanjaro Summit June 2011