Trip & Course Reports 2011



Get UP, Get Out, Get FIT 2nd Walk Cork Branch Ordinary people taking their health serious as they take to the roads and byways of Ireland with Pat Falvey's new division on fitness through walking. Report from Tony Nation and Ian O Neill. Directors of Cork/Kerry Branch The 2nd walk…



Cystic Fibrosis Climb Build 4 Life Kids
  Pat,Great credit to yourself, Gene and the organisers for undertaking the responsibility of bringing a large group of novice climbers like me up Ireland's highest mountain. For so long I have wanted to do this and was greatful for the opportunity and being able to raise money for Buil4life…



Lar Fant on Denali Summit
Lar Fant, a good friend of Pat's and the team here at the Mountain Lodge, has climbed and trained at our school of mountaineering with us over the years, rang to fill us in on his recent successful summit of Mt Denali.   ''I flew onto Denali on the morning…



Timmins on Carrauntoohil for Cystic Fibrosis Hopesource catchs media attention
May 07th brought Andy, Jack (10) and Shannan Timmins along with 22 friends to the foot of Carrauntoohil.   Since late 2010, we have had the pleasure of working with Andy and Sarah Timmins in organising their fundraising event to Climb Carrauntoohill for the Cystic Fibrosis Hopesource Foundation. With over…



Team take off into the Reeks
Mar 26th & 27th Saturday morning brought some of our June and September Kilimanjaro trekkers to the Mountain Lodge for a Fitness Assessment weekend in preparation for their adventure ahead. The weekend kicked off with a briefing on the trek - a presentation, a gear demo & briefing and a…



Uhuru Peak Mount Kilimanjaro
Some Images from Trek & Extracts from Teams Feedback 'Despite Airline strikes, we got there! 11 people set out on Jan 27th to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and 11 people made it. Guides were brilliant. Weather was brilliant. Team were brilliant craic and worked well together throughout trek.…



Team skills training
Navigation Skills Beginners course - The Why. Here at The Pat Falvey School of Adventure, we encourage people to become self sufficient in learning of all types of skills to prepare people to take responsibility for looking after themselves in the great outdoors. We believe you owe it to yourself,…
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