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Kilimanjaro 02nd- 12th September 2009

Jerry Walsh- '02nd Sept: I am heading back for my 8th time to Africa with destination Mt Kilimanjaro. I have the pleasure of the company of Frank Lynam, Louis Lynam, Derek Carruthers and Vincent Kelly. We met in Amsterdam from Cork and Dublin and enjoyed the flights despite the early start. Moods are high in anticipation of what is in store over the coming days'

03rd Sept This morning the team contacted us from the Serena Hotel at 1371 meters. All members are well and heading out for a walk to familiarise themselves with their new environment. Tomorrow morning they leave the comfort of their 5* hotel for the Machame Gate where their adventure really begins. We look forward to hearing back from the team on their ascent over the coming days. Our best wishes are with them all- Lorraine, Niall & Pat
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Published in K2 BroadPeak 2006

The following is a condensed translation of the story on the Russian site.

The author is one of the survivors Sergei Bogomolov. I've chosen to omit some of his meaningless sentences. Natasha Ter Gazaryan, our Moscow representative.

Extracts translated from interview with surviving Russian climber on Russian web site.

“We had put ourselves a deadline the 13th of August. We had run out of  food by this time. The 13th of August morning was the first fine morning for the last two weeks and we thought that a benign beginning for the summit day, the K2's special gift for our perseverance.

The icefall or the avalanche happened as soon as we where out of the Bottleneck, no more than two hours away from the summit. That seemed to be a huge bulk of ice and frozen snow 120 by 80m in size. It was falling down at breathtaking speed and swept four climbers that were in the middle of our group to their death. We heard no noise so characteristic of an avalanche. That happened in silence. Nobody
heard or seen where that bulk of ice had come from. We tried to find out what happened to our friends, but all in vain.

All of us were hit to some extent with the falling ice. Two Russian climbers in front and me, the polish guy and Banjo who were keeping the  rear were not hit much” Sergei Bogomolov Russian Climber K2

We’d like to thank Natasha for her translation and posting it to us.


Thursday, 09 April 2009 00:00
A brief call from Gerry confirms the team are now in Debouche after they all left Namche early this morning. He said they passed through the Buddhist gompa, Tengboche a few hours earlier. Everyone is well and they are all enjoying themselves. They girls were astounded that the lads caught up yesterday.

Tomorrow they will trek upwards through various small villages to Pheriche. Along the way they will have the beautiful Ama Dablam to their right towering over them as they start to accend above the treeline to mainly rocky and mossy approach to Pheriche where there is a medical centre and some lodges.
Wednesday, 16 August 2006 00:00
Published in K2 BroadPeak 2006

Telephone information from Serguey Bogomolov to Russian climb web site.

August 12th reported all team at Camp 4 had decided to call it a day and descend to Base Camp. There was no visibility and the snow conditions where deep. As the day progressed the weather cleared and the summit seemed close so everyone changed their minds to go-for-it. So the summit attempt began on August 13th.

“The first party was Kulbachenko - Gaponov. The second who ascended, were Foigt, Kuznetsov, Uteshev and Kuvakin. The last party was Bogomolov - Bannon - Teler.

The avalanche caught the first and the second parties. Kulbachenko and Gaponov had dug out from the snow and tried to find others. The third party joined them. There're steep slopes below that place, and avalanche fell there. Serguey Bogomolov didn't see how the avalanche struck. Climbers couldn't find their partners. In addition, there was a danger of next avalanche, so they decided to descend. Tomorrow the expedition will leave the BC.” Reported Serguey Bogomolov from Base Camp.

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Published in K2 BroadPeak 2006

Sadly Russian climb announces the names of the K2 Kuzbass 2006 expedition who have been missing since August 13th. Hopes are now fading that there will be any further survivors will be rescued.
The names are, expedition leader Yuri Uteshev, the coach Alexander Foigt, Piotr Kuznetsov and Arcady Kuvakin. May they rest in peace and our thoughts and sympathy go to their families and friends. These have been the names confirmed by Serguev Bogomolov on a call from base camp K2.


Thursday, 14 May 2009 00:00
Lorraine reports "Quick note to let ya know we all back here since 10 this morn after amazing flight from Lukla. Weather is still great and trip has been.... no, not words to describe. Unreal? No, not a good enough word.

All's well and enjoying a few hours of strolling around and shopping. A few of us went out with porters and sherpas in the Wave, Lukla, and had a lovely evening to mark their departure from the group. Ang Rita is picking us up in a few hours to take up to a Nepalese Culture Concert- singing and dancing and tomorrow morning, a city tour is planned. Other than scalded nose, absolutely no complaints and everyone is now looking forward to seeing you all v soon
Friday, 17 April 2009 00:00
Gerry reports they are in Lukla at around 2 pm today, "Lovely place we are staying in, should be on the 7 am flight back to KTM, some may try and arrange rafting if they have enough time then before home, more on that tomorrow if they do, otherwise see you on return"
Thursday, 14 May 2009 00:00
Gerry reports from Namche, "Arrived afternoon today at Namche, everybody is good and resting at present, a few of us walked up to view this beautiful village from the vantage point above it, stunning. Lorraine was in great form and said to say hello from all to the family and friends following.
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 00:00
Gerry called today and said he had problems with the Sat phone over the last 2-3 days and his battery was very low and some sms messages never got through.

"Everybody is in great form although tired. We reached Gorak Shep on Monday and had an afternoon climb to Kala Pattar 5554m the highest we will reach.

"On Tuesday we went to Base Camp in the morning, it was full of expeditions, 50 or so teams I believe. All of our group were delighted to have reached their goal looking up toward the the mighty Icefall that leads toward Everest. The weather is unbelievable, We met a few from Ireland and some other I met before."

"Later in the afternoon we decended to Lobuche 4930m for the night."

"Today Wednesday, we have now decended to Debouche 3820m after passing through Pheriche along the winding way. We met Pemba Gyalje on his return from Island Peak, they were unsuccessful due to an ice wall preventing the last steep section climb. Everybody is tired but in great form"

"Tomorrow we head to Namche and finally Lukla on Friday all going well. Our flight back to KTM we hope to take on Saturday morning."
Saturday, 11 April 2009 00:00
The team are currently on a rest day and will head to Lobuche in the morning.